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Tips on Moving with Pets

The stress of moving is hard enough for us humans. Imagine how tough it is on our pets! After all, they aren’t able to understand the meaning behind the chaos happening around them. All they know is their world appears to be changing, and that doesn’t typically go over too well with our furry friends.

To help ease Fido’s anxiety and make the move smoother on everyone in your family -- humans and pets alike! -- try incorporating some of the below tips:

-Pack all your animal’s things together, and make sure you know how to easily access it. This may also mean putting together an overnight kit of a few essentials you want to be sure you can get your hands on during that first night in your new place. You’ll want bedding, food, favorite toys, treats, etc.

-Have a conversation with your vet. If you’re moving to a new town, be sure to get your vet records ahead of your move. You can also chat with your vet to see if he or she has recommendations on a vet in your new neighborhood!

-Keep your pet away from the action. Whether it’s putting your dog in your neighborhood kennel or leaving him with a friend for the day, make sure to separate your pet from the activity on moving day. This will help immensely with stress levels!

-Update their records. Before you move, go ahead and get new collar tags with your updated address information. Your pet will be in an unfamiliar location, and the last thing you want is for her to get out and the contact info to be outdated.


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