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How the Time Change Can Impact Home Sales

Does the time change impact home sales? Often, the answer is yes! (But there are things you can do about it.)

time of year, the sun is going down earlier and people are generally feeling less energetic and more apt to stay home and cozy up on the couch. If you’re trying to sell your home during this season, it’s good to be aware of how the lack of sunlight can affect the process:

  • Expect fewer weekday showings. Because most people can only look at homes after business hours on weekdays, it’s typical for weekday showings to lessen after the “fall back” time change occurs. People tend to want to see homes in daylight hours to get a better feel for the property overall (and they often may just want to stay home in the evenings this time of year). You can likely count on weekend showings being far more popular right now.

  • You may encounter fewer buyers overall. Since people are in both hibernation AND holiday mode this time of year, they’ll be less likely to be house hunting. Don’t get discouraged if interest or traffic seems lackluster right now. It probably has much more to do with the time of year than with your home!

So what can you do?:

  • Play up your home’s coziness. You may have fewer bites right now, but make the most of the interest you do garner! Make your home feel cozy and holiday ready with tasteful decorations, seasonal scents like cinnamon, and warm but plentiful lighting.

  • Host several weekend open houses. Knowing that you’ll likely get more traffic on weekends, work with your realtor to get a handful of weekend open houses on the calendar -- during daylight hours, of course!

  • Don’t get discouraged. Yes, this can be a slower time of year to sell your home in general, but that doesn’t mean it will be a slow process for you! Keep your attitude optimistic and your energy up to help make the selling experience as positive as possible. You never know what your outcome might be!


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