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Christmas Tree Placement When Selling Your Home

If your home is on the market during the holidays, one strong recommendation we have is to make sure your house is decorated -- but MINIMALLY. You want potential buyers to feel warm, cozy, and festive in your home, but still be able to get a feel for how the house looks without decorations.

Does the time change impact home sales? Often, the answer is yes! (But there are things you can do about it.)

With that decoration recommendation in mind, something important to consider when selling your home in December is where to place your Christmas tree. (Yes, it does make a difference!) There aren’t real estate-specific tips on tree placement, but there are general suggestions we like to share with sellers as they put up their holiday decorations:

  1. Be sure it doesn’t block important elements. Don’t place your tree in a location where it will hide things like a built-in bookshelf, mantle, or other areas that are especially appealing about your home.

  2. Keep it small. This isn’t the year to go overboard with your tree! Keep it small and manageable so buyers can still get a great feel for the room it’s in (and so it won’t make the room seem smaller than it is or the ceiling seem lower).

  3. Be aware of lighting. Choose a location that won’t block natural light from entering your home.

  4. Be mindful of heating elements. You don’t want to block your heating elements for safety reasons, but another reason is because you don’t want your home to feel chilly.

  5. Go with the flow. That is, be sure the tree doesn’t block the natural pathways people take in your home. You want your home to be seamless to navigate and to seem as spacious as possible.

  6. Move furniture if needed. Oftentimes, adding a Christmas tree to a room can make it feel cramped. Don’t hesitate to temporarily move furniture out of the room to avoid it feeling small and confined.


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