UA-158223739-1 Best Bang for Your Home Improvement Buck: What Projects Bring the Most Value at Resale?
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Best Bang for Your Home Improvement Buck: What Projects Bring the Most Value at Resale?

HGTV and the DIY Network make home improvements look extremely glamorous, but which improvements actually return the most value at resale? Remodeling magazine recently released their annual Cost vs Value report where they compared the cost of 21 popular remodeling projects in 149 markets, with the return on the investment at resale. Being an avid DIYer, I was pretty shocked at the projects that returned the most value. In my head, an impressive kitchen remodel, full bathroom remodel, and landscaping are the top things that come to my mind for resale, but according to Remodeling magazine, I was sorely mistaken.

In our area, according the this report, the top return at resale came from replacing your siding. A job that cost around $14,000 depending on your house size recouped an impressive 106.9%. Take a peek below for the 10 projects that recouped the most at resale:

*All information comes directly from the Greensboro Cost vs Value Report.

  1. Siding Replacement: 106.9%

  2. Garage Door Replacement: 89.6%

  3. Manufactured Stone Veneer: 85.9%

  4. Minor Kitchen Remodel: 80.1%

  5. Wooden Deck Addition: 77.7%

  6. Universal Design Bathroom: 74.3%

  7. Steel Entry Door Replacement: 73.5%

  8. Upscale Bathroom Remodel: 71.5%

  9. Midrange Bathroom Remodel: 69.1%

  10. Bathroom Addition: 63.3%

For more detail on each of these projects, view the Remodeling Cost vs Value annual report here.


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