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5 Summer Stay-cation Ideas

Squeeze every last moment out of your summer without ever leaving your city!

Summertime often means exploration and adventure, and maybe a beach trip or a camping excursion. The truth is, though, it can be just as fun to stay put and enjoy your town or city rather than travel. (Sometimes this staycation approach can even be more relaxing, since the stress of packing and travel coordination is removed from the equation.)

If you like the sound of this but aren’t sure where to get started, here are five summer staycation ideas to help get your wheels spinning!:

  1. Become a tourist in your own town. Visit those attractions that draw people to your city because, chances are, you haven’t visited them yourself! Whether they’re historic landmarks or parks or museums, take some time to explore what your hometown has to offer.

  2. Visit another country from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go to France or Italy or Mexico to experience some of the culture of those places. Instead, do a little research and then bring a culture to life in your own home through books and movies, by trying out the language, by cooking classic meals from those places, and more!

  3. Go on a mystery road trip. Pile into the car and then let your kids take the lead! Have them alternate telling you which direction to turn and see where you end up.

  4. Camp out in your yard. Enjoy all the fun of camping (making s’mores, pitching a tent, telling scary stories, and more) with the comfort of indoor plumbing just a few feet away!

  5. Perform acts of kindness. Work with your children to put together a list of nice things you can do for others. You might choose to water someone’s flowers, bake cookies, wash a car, run an errand, etc. Then make a list of family members, friends, and neighbors you can do these things for and start paying it forward!


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