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    Open House Pros

    Hosting an open house when you’re trying to sell your home is something your realtor may suggest as a tactic to help sell your home. While there are both pros and cons to making the decision to hold an open house, today we want to dig into some of the reasons an open house can HELP in the selling process:

    • Open houses can attract people who are interested but aren’t actively looking for a home. When you put up a sign for an open house event, you’ll likely have people attend from your neighborhood or other nearby areas who have seen the event publicized. Maybe they’ve often wondered about your home and want to get a peek inside. Sometimes these attendees will just be curious neighbors who have no intention of buying, but other times it can jump start a potential buyer to get moving on the process. They might just fall in love with your home and decide it IS time for them to sell!
    • Publicizing the open house gives your home added exposure. Maybe a potential buyer can’t attend the open house, but having an event to share about gives you the ability to get on their radar in a new way. Maybe they’ll stop by the next week to check things out!
    • They’re low-pressure events. When run well, open houses should feel very casual and welcoming. Attendees shouldn’t leave feeling pressured to buy, nor should they be bothered too much throughout the open house process if they don’t seem open to chatting with the REALTOR. Because open houses have the reputation of being low-key events, they are often a great way to get people into your home who may not want to request a formal showing.
    • The timing is often very convenient. Open houses typically take place on a weekend afternoon, making it easy for most who are interested to attend.
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