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    Key Questions and Online Resources toHelp Buyers Impacted by COVID-19

    Searching for your dream home in the middle of a global pandemic can be quite a challenge. Aside from local restrictions that may prevent you from actually seeing homes in-person, you also need to deal with other COVID-19 fallouts that are impacting the housing market. Not to mention that planning move comes with its own set of stressors. So, how can you tackle all of this while also managing to find your perfect new home?

    The answer to that question may depend on you having the right real estate tools and resources at your disposal during this global crisis. To make things easier, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions buyers have right now as well as links to help answer them.

    How Can I View Homes While Social Distancing?

    With in-person showings reduced in many areas, buyers may need to rely on virtual and socially distanced options to search for a new home.

    Staying Safe Out in Public During the COVID-19 Outbreak
    How Virtual Staging Can Be Used by Home Sellers
    Virtual Options for Touring Homes During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    How Can I Ensure My New Home Is Free of Defects?

    Not being able to see a home in-person can lead to fears about needed repairs and improvements. Here are some resources for tackling those worries and any repairs.

    A Buyer’s Checklist for Home Inspections
    Tips for Offsetting Costs of Needed Repairs
    How to Back Out of a Real Estate Contract
    Contact Greta Frye & Associates for All Your Real Estate Needs

    How Can I Secure a Home Loan During Tough Times?

    If you have not been approved for your home loan yet, your most pressing concern is likely to be whether financial institutions are offering loans right now.

    New Rules for COVID-19 Lending
    How to Get COVID-19 Mortgage Relief
    Mortgage Terms You Should Know
    How to Buy a Mortgage Online

    How Can I Plan a Move With Current COVID-19 Restrictions?

    A local move may be easier to pull off right now, especially if you have a family to help, but you may need guidance to keep your local and long-distance moves safe for everyone.

    COVID-19 Moving Safety Tips
    Moving Out of State During a Pandemic
    A Complete Moving Checklist
    Moving Dos and Don’ts

    Buying a home and planning a move during a global pandemic is no simple feat. So, find the added support you need by clicking through and reading the resources above. Doing so is your best bet for staying stress-free and safe during your search until this crisis is over.

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